Instant Canopy, your home away from home.

It's Easy - Anyone can set up

Customise with your artwork

Compact and easy to transport

Are you hosting an outdoor event?

Offer your customers and guests protection with an Instant Canopy!

We sell portable canopies to Australians. People like you. People in business, who care about looking professional, or who want to grow their brand awareness. Or to Mums and Dad’s who just want a safe place for their kids to play when they’re camping or at the beach.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, party or promotion, you want a space to call your own. An area protected from the sun and weather that you can set up camp for the day.

The funny thing is, you might not even notice your canopy once it is set up, and if it’s good weather you might not even need it. But you can be sure you’ll all be under it when the sun is scorching or it starts to pour with rain. Oh, and if it gets windy, you’ll be really glad you invested in quality when you see other people’s cheap canopies start blowing away.

If you need a quick and easy, portable shelter, you need Instant Canopy!

* Instant protection from the sun and rain

Our canopies are water resistant and give 98% UV protection.

* Easy to use, anyone can set up

The Instant Canopy is a breeze to set up and dismantle. It is lightweight and portable. Any size canopy can be completely set up by two people in under 5 minutes.

* Enjoy years of use.

Instant Canopy is the best canopy on the market. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that will quickly fall apart. Instant Canopy is made from the highest quality fabrics and materials and will last for years.